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Great Ways to Detox Your Life

Do you ever take a step back and just hit the pause button and take a really good look at your life? I don't quite mean in a way of accomplishments etc. - but more in depth. As we get older we become more sensitive to toxicity. Toxicity can mean chemicals in your food, chemicals in your detergent, in your bath soap, perfume, air fresheners etc.

Everything that comes in contact with your skin or breathed in, gets absorbed by our bodies. Our skin, after all is that large organ in our bodies. The older we get the more carefully we need to pay attention to what we come in contact with.

A few changes I have personally made in my life to clean things up a bit are the following:

  • Change my bath soap to a cleaner brand (make sure to read the labels to avoid harmful substances).

  • Change my laundry soap to a cleaner alternative.

  • Change my hair products to cleaner alternatives.

  • To protect my home from pests I use a pet and children safe alternative.

Small changes can make a huge difference!

Until next time~


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